Choose your destiny.
Unleash the power!

Welcome to the new order. A dystopian world where people live under permanent surveillance and every aspect of their lives is monitored and recorded. There is no hope for freedom. In this game you control Randall. You will have to fight your way out of this dystopian prison. Explore every corner, unlock new areas and abilities in this metroidvania kind of game. Use your feet, fists and mind to defeat your enemies. You can even control your foes with your telepathic abilities to use their own strength against them.

A Great challenge

awaits you!

Challenge your skills in this intense action game. Fight your way out of this dystopian nightmare.

The Bigger

they are...

Defeat your enemies using their own powers against them with your telepathic abilities.

Don’t let

your guard off

Enemies have a vast armament to crush you. Lasers, plasma rifles, exoskeletons and brute force amongst other toys.